Sindh:Radical Islamist abducts,converts & marries a minor Hindu girl using fake document

abduction and conversion of hindu minor girl
Victim Indra Deewan (Photo: News Intervention)

Another minor Hindu girl has been abducted and forcibly converted in Sindh. The latest victim named Indra Deewan, daughter of Gyan Mal was abducted by a radical Islamist named Sajid Hussian. Sajid abducted her from her hometown in Tando Jam, Hyderabad in Sindh. Later he forcefully converted her to Islam and gave a new name, Naimat. After her conversion, Sajid Hussian married her using a fake free will affidavit with her manipulated age. In the forged documents presented by the abductor, Indra’s age is mentioned as 19 years while in her school documents presented by her parents clearly validates her age as 16.

Copy Of Forged Free Will Affidavit (Photo: News Intervention)
School Document Showing 16 Years Of Age (Photo: News Intervention)

Abductor targets parents of Indra

After converting and marrying her, Sajid also registered a counter FIR against her parents, fighting to get their daughter back. Sajid has accused that they have threatened him and Indra. However, his ease in registering an FIR while the parents remain unheard clearly illustrates the social imbalance, speaking volumes about the authenticity of such claims.

The incident clearly shows that such cases are increasing because of the radicalized mindset of Islamists which is harboured by the political, religious, and judicial system in Islamic Republic of Pakistan. The judicial system in this case has apparently given preference to the forged documents instead of the most basic school documents. The sufferings of an innocent minor girl, who has been abducted, converted, and married to someone she does not know, has been veiled by the garb of fake documents. Now she is considered married and converted waiting for the unprecedented persecution that lies ahead in the law less land of Pakistan.    

The tragic case of Indra Deewan yet again highlights that the condition of minority girls, especially Hindus, is worsening by the end of the day. The physical and mental dent they get from a sense of insecurity is unprecedented and largely goes unchecked.

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