Sindh: Radical Islamists abduct minor Hindu girls and a mother with her child

abduction of minor hindu girls
Victim Premi abducted by radical Islamists from Karachi (Photo: Social Media)

In a series of abductions of minor Hindu girls and women by radical Islamists, three other horrific incidents have emerged, sending chills through the Hindu community in Sindh. In a first, a minor Hindu girl named Jayshree has been abducted and forcibly converted. Jayshree, daughter of Chagan Kolhi was abducted from Samaro town of Umerkot in Sindh. Later she was converted to Islam and married off to her abductor named Nazeer Dhonkai.

Apart from Jayshree, Nana Bheel, an 8-year-old Hindu girl has also been abducted, showcasing the precarious conditions of Hindus where even girls of this age are not safe. Nana Bheel hailing from Kunri in Umerkot was abducted by Hanif Khaskheli from her house. Unfortunately, the police is as usual trying to stave off the matter.

Family Of Nana Bheel Demanding Her Recovery With Placards And Her Photo (Photo: Social Media)

In another case of abduction, a Hindu woman named Premi has been abducted from her residence in Hijrat colony in Karachi. She was not abducted alone but with her child.

Copy Of FIR Against Abduction Of Premi (Photo: Social Media)

These cases of abductions yet again underscore that Hindus in Pakistan are under attack by the radical Islamists guided by a bigoted mindset. To make things even more perilous, the law and order provides such criminals a safe haven.  

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