University students protest in Pak-occupied Jammu & Kashmir against soaring education costs

university students protest
Students protesting at University of Poonch Rawalakot (Photo: News Intervention)

In Rawalakot, students rallied against the high costs of education, blocking roads to protest the soaring fees and closure of southern routes. At the University of Poonch Rawalakot in Pakistan occupied Jammu & Kashmir (POJK), students staged a complete boycott, barring teaching staff from campus entry.

Citing challenges from administrative groups, students voiced support for a comprehensive resolution of their demands. They demonstrated fervently, locking the university’s main campus gates in the morning and halting staff access. Subsequently, a protest unfolded at the main road block.

The protesting students of Poonch Rawalakot university highlighted ongoing challenges with administrative parties. After multiple hurdles, the administration eventually engaged in talks with students and the university. Subsequently, the temporary protest was called off post-negotiations.

Earlier, the students of Karakoram University also held similar protests over the lack of amenities and indiscriminate fee hike in Pak occupied Gilgit Baltistan. Actually, Pakistan is controlling and adultering every thing that benefits the Kashmiris in POJK and POGB. including education. To deprive the youth of the region from education, it is trying to create situations that posts hurdle in front of them. As Pakistan knows that eductaion could possibly lead to emancipation, it could eventually end up in making the region free, and hence it is subtly doing everything to make the life of Kashmiris precarious.

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