Pashtun leader Manzoor Pashteen gets bail in Federal Investigation Agency case

Pashtuns will not be allowed to perish in the name of peace - Manzoor Pashteen
Manzoor Pashteen (Photo: Social Media)

After about a month of fake charges and consequent arbitrary arrest, Manzoor Pashteen has been granted bail. The bail has been granted in two cases in which Manzoor Pashteen was framed and arrested on December 26. He was handed over to Islamabad Police following which he was sent to Adiala jail in a judicial remand on December 30.

Notably, all the cases were fabricated and imposed over PTM chief to keep him away from the masses for as much time as possible because under his active leadership, Pashtuns were determinately aligning with the Baloch cause. It must be noted that Manzoor Pashteen was arrested after a deadly attack on his convoy, while he was en route to participate in the Turbat protest against the extra-judicial killings of four Baloch youth by the so-called CTD.

After he was arrested, he was illegally detained for 3 days before he was presented to the Anti-Terrorism Court. The trail of a peaceful protestor against the establishment being undertaken by the ATC, speaks volume about the dismal state of democratic principles in Pakistan. Nevertheless, the court granted his 7-day physical remand to the Islamabad police, after the completion of which he was sent to Adiala jail.

Rearrest of Manzoor Pashteen

The precarious situation of human rights and mockery of law and order was later manifested when Manzoor Pashteen was granted bail following his judicial remand. Since, the Pakistani establishment knew that without solid grounds they can’t detain Pashteen for long, they waited for his bail. As soon as the bail was granted, Pashteen was booked under two more cases including an FIA case (Federal Investigation Agency), rendering him captivated. From here the same judicial game was played to delay his release, first he was under the custody of Islamabad police and then he was again sent to Adiala Jail.

Now, Manzoor Pashteen has been granted bail on both the cases. However, Pashteen’s illicit and deadly arrest, the make-up statement of the Deputy Commissioner and the manipulation of the judicial process that gulped more than a month, conspicuously shows the claim of autocratic and authoritarian control of Pakistan Army over every aspect of governance. Hence validating that the whether it is the life of the citizens or their rights, nothing is safe in Pakistan and that people like Manzoor Pashteen and other activists are fighting a war against the brutal regime.  

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