Pak-occupied J&K: Angry Kashmiris destroy mobile towers as Pak establishment suspends internet

Dismantled mobile network tower in Mirpur, POJK (Photo: News Intervention)

Amid escalating tensions in Pakistan-Occupied Jammu and Kashmir (POJK), service of internet have been suspended. Reports from Mirpur indicate that the occupying Pak government has halted internet services across the entire region.

In response to the suspension, protesters have begun dismantling various mobile network towers in cities like Mirpur and Muzaffarabad. The protesters assert that POJK is experiencing its worst period, with Pakistan forces using excessive force. They claim that the suspension of internet services is a failed attempt to silence the voices of the region’s residents, providing cover for Pakistan to deploy its forces throughout Kashmir.

Sources report that both Rangers and Pakistan Army units have already entered POJK. There are also concerns about Pakistan forces establishing regular positions in nearby forests, a development deemed alarming by local observers.

The situation remains highly volatile, with the internet blackout contributing to the unrest. The protesters’ actions and the increased military presence underline the severe and deteriorating conditions in the region.

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