Pak police opens fire on sit-on protestors for assassination of Sindhi nationalist

Daughters of Hidayat Lohar
Daughters of Hidayat Lohar at Naseerabad Highway sit-in (Photo: X)

In a concerning development, the Nasirabad police fired indiscriminately into the air near the sit-in led by Sorath and Sasui Lohar, daughters of the assassinated Sindhi nationalist Hidayat Lohar. The incident unfolded as the protesters persisted their demand for justice and the registration of an FIR (First Information Report) regarding their father’s assassination.

Hidayat Lohar was assassinated by assailants backed by the Pakistan Army. Despite having substantial evidence, the daughters faced rejection when attempting to file an FIR with the Naseerabad Police. As of now, no FIR has been registered in connection to the assassination, prompting Sorath and Sasui to stage a sit-in protest.

The protesters are steadfast in their straightforward demand – the registration of the FIR – yet the police have refused to comply, instead resorting to intimidating tactics. The incident marks a disturbing turn as law enforcement employs force to suppress the peaceful protest, raising concerns about the state of justice and freedom of expression in the region.

Sorath and Sasui Lohar’s sit-in is not only a plea for justice but also a powerful stance against the tyranny and impunity of the Pakistani establishment. Nevertheless, the unfolding events spotlight a broader issue of challenges faced by those seeking justice in the face of powerful entities.

As the daughters of slain Sindhi nationalist continue their protest, the incident has gained attention, prompting questions about the role of law enforcement in safeguarding the rights of citizens and addressing grievances. The unfolding situation requires a closer examination of the circumstances surrounding Hidayat Lohar’s assassination and a transparent investigation into the matter to ensure justice prevails.

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