Pakistan Army abducts University student for protesting in occupied-Balochistan

Pak army abducts university student
Sameer Baloch, the student abducted by Pakistan Army (Photo: News Intervention)

Pakistan Army has abducted a student of Lasbela University of Agriculture, Water and Marine Sciences (LUAWMS) in Uthal, Pak-occupied Balochistan for protesting against the poor facilities in the university. The students have been staging a protest sit-in since last two days in favor of their demands.

According to the students, the armed men in two Vigo vehicles have abducted the student Samir after forcibly arresting him and taking him with them. Students are still protesting against the ongoing police violence, lathi charge firing and shelling in Uthal University. Yesterday around five o’clock in the morning, the students presented their charter of demand while holding a press conference.

They demanded that all the arrested students should be released immediately. Furthermore, action should be taken against the police officers who tortured, charged baton, did shelling and are involved corrupt administration. The students have also demanded that laptops and scholarships should be approved immediately.

Students warn university administration

They iterated that the students have a basic human and constitutional right to protest, and they should be provided basic rights. Any discrimination or discrimination against other students will not be tolerated. The students demanded that the notification of closure of Uthal University should be immediately withdrawn and the stream of education restored.

While Sameer Baloch was detained and disappeared by Pakistan forces yesterday, the students are demanding the university administration to ensure the recovery of Sameer Baloch and bring him back as soon as possible.

The students say that Samir Baloch is a second semester student of LUAWMS University who was forcibly abducted from the university by two armed men in a Vigo vehicle. They warned the university administration that if anything happens to Sameer Baloch, they would solely be responsible for it.

Pakistan Army has been often seen meddling in the affairs of universities in Balochistan and has abducted various students from time-to-time. It operates that way to ensure that no rights oriented voice gets raised in the occupied Balochistan as it perceives any such voice as a threat to its illegal occupation of the region that needs to be crushed at the nascent stage.

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