Pakistan Army’s brutality on peak, claims lives of innocent Balochs

Pak army brutality in balochistan
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The sad state of affairs in Pak occupied Balochistan seems to be a never-ending process. Masses are suffering from the unrest and political instability caused by none other than the dictatorial-like rule of the Pakistan Army. As if the military intervention that’s causing the civil and political unrest was not enough, the Pakistan Army is now resorting to barbaric tactics to further the conflicts and abuse human rights. Recent incidents have brought to light several covert operations conducted by the Pakistan Army to coerce locals into recruitment, with the unfortunate consequence being instances where individuals, succumbing to blackmail by the Paki regime, have tragically taken their own lives.

Shadows of Sorrow

Najma, a school teacher and the daughter of Dilsard, tragically took her own life as she was unable to bear the relentless blackmail from a police officer associated with the Pakistan Army. Najma was from the village Zeak, Geeshkaur area of the Awaran district. She was subjected to constant pressure by Pakistan police officer Noor Bakhsh, who sought to coerce her into becoming an informant for secret agencies connected to the Pakistan Army.

Even though this news is extremely distressing and highlights the atrocities committed by the Pakistan Army, it is not an isolated event. Last year, the brutal systematic torture, forced disappearance, coercion and harassment has caused at least four individuals to take their own lives.

Chakar Majeed, a ninth-grade student, tragically ended his life on 10 March 2022. Prior to his suicide, he had experienced the harrowing ordeal of enforced disappearance at the hands of the Pakistan Army, who subjected him to relentless pressure to work as a spy for their operations.

Moheem, the son of Asumi, sadly took his own life on August 30, 2022. He had endured torture while forcibly disappeared by the Pakistan army. Despite being eventually released, the intense suffering inflicted upon him left deep psychological scars that ultimately led to his suicide.

Amirzadi, a resident of Kharan, tragically ended her life on November 10, 2022, as a result of the relentless army raids on her home. The continuous distress and anguish caused by these incursions became unbearable, leading to her desperate decision. Lutfullah Yelanzahi, her husband, also succumbed to the immense grief of losing his beloved wife and chose to end his own life.

These incidents are alarming. They highlight the plight of the Baloch people under the cold-blooded regime of Pakistan Army. BNM has denounced the events and urged the human rights authority to investigate and hold the Pakistan government accountable.

The brutality of the Pakistan Army appears to be escalating with each passing day. Their presence in influential positions of authority has resulted in the abuse of power and unwarranted interference in the lives of innocent individuals. This behavior has created an atmosphere of chaos within Baloch society. The deployment of the Pakistan Army in the Balochistan region has further exacerbated human rights violations, and the Pakistan government must take responsibility for this. Despite the prevailing unrest in Pakistan, it is crucial for the government to address the atrocities committed by the Pakistan Army. Thus, it is important that this unruly conduct be curbed before it spirals out of control and that the brutality of the Pak Army is exposed to the rest of the world.

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