Sindh High Court slams Pakistan for forcibly disappearing 11 persons

inaction of police on missing persons
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The Sindh High Court (SHC) has issued directives to Pak authorities to accelerate investigations and efforts for the recovery of 11 missing persons, emphasizing the need for compensation to be provided to their families. Among the missing individuals are two siblings.

During a division bench hearing on Monday (April 29), petitions for the recovery of the missing persons were heard, with lawyers highlighting instances of citizens being abducted or taken into custody from various areas and urging the court to intervene.

Expressing dissatisfaction with the provincial government and police, Justice Arshad Hussain Khan underscored the anguish experienced by the families of the missing persons, emphasizing the emotional toll of their prolonged absence.

Moreover, Justice Zulfiqar Ali Sangi criticized the lack of awareness among officers regarding court orders for recovery efforts and compensation payments, condemning the indifferent attitude displayed by authorities.

Highlighting instances of negligence, Sangi emphasized the urgency of prompt action for investigation and recovery of the missing persons. Additionally, the court expressed disappointment with the unpreparedness of lawyers of Pakistani establishment and Sindh government, noting their lack of clarity on the cases they represent.

Sindh government lawyers assured that the provincial government would compensate families of individuals confirmed as forcibly disappeared, while urging families yet to submit requests to the Interior Ministry to do so promptly.

In a decisive move, the court ordered authorities to ensure prompt compensation for the families of forcibly disappeared persons, emphasizing the critical need for justice and accountability in such cases.

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