Sindh High Court slams inaction of police over abduction of a youth by Pak Army

inaction of police on missing persons
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Expressing anger at the police and other officials for not recovering the missing persons, the Sindh High Court summoned the head of the provincial task force and the JIT.

The petition for the recovery of missing persons was heard in the Sindh High Court.

Justice Amjad Ali Sahto asked ‘why were they harassing the families of missing persons by calling them, tell them who took them and we cannot do anything, we too are tired of writing’.

He said that the elder citizen has been searching for his son for the last five years, if the missing citizen has passed away then they should show the body and tell the truth.

The father of the missing youth told the court that his son had gone missing from the Sharif Abad police station area 5 years ago, he is ill and has been making rounds of the courts for the last 5 years.

The court also sought a report from the Provincial Secretary Home while it sought the head of the Provincial Task Force and JIT.

Notably, several people across occupied-Sindh have been abducted and gone missing on the directives of Pakistan Army. Since, the commands come directly from the Army, no appeal or protest yield positive responses. And hence the families of victims reached out to the court.Whether the court proceedings will yield postive result or not, is a debatable issue, one thing is clear that the cases of missing persons are serious and the courts strict comments shows it’s gravity.

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