Baloch Liberation Army attacks Pakistan Army in Panjgur, POB

Baloch Liberation Army (BLA) struck back against Pakistan Army
Baloch Liberation Army (Photo - Social Media)

On 8 November, in a daring display of bravery and resilience, the Baloch Liberation Army (BLA) struck back against Pakistan Army. They launched two attacks in Panjgur district of Pak-occupied Balochistan. According to Jeeyand Baloch, a spokesperson for the BLA, the attacks involved a hand grenade targeting a Main forces Pakistan Army camp and another assault on the Army’s outpost with grenade launchers.

Agent Killed

The BLA spokesperson also acknowledged their involvement in the killing of an individual who was identified as an agent. The agent, Haji Jalal Sumalani, was arrested in a raid in Bolan. Jeeyand Baloch also revealed that Haji Sumalani was an operative of the Pakistan Army and had collaborated with Col. Mudasir to create a death squad in the area.

Jeeyand Baloch further stated that Jalal Khan had been sentenced to death for his alleged crimes against the Baloch nation. For decades, BLF has carried on an armed struggle against the Pakistan Army and ‘establishment’, as they have illegally occupied Balochistan. 

Since 27 March 1948, Pakistan Army has been oppressing Baloch through daily home raids, disappearances, staged encounters, target killings, torture, humiliation at checkpoints, and kidnappings for ransom. The Pakistan Army is targeting and monitoring Baloch people, and anyone who has a potential to raise questions is either killed or abducted. 

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