Pakistan fuels religious conflict in Baloch society: Dr. Naseem Baloch

Barkhan tragedy
Dr Naseem Baloch, chairman Baloch National Movement (BNM). (Photo: News Intervention)

Dr. Naseem Baloch, the Chairman of the Baloch National Movement (BNM) has stated that along with other abuses, Pakistan has tried to start conflicts by widening the religious rift in the Baloch society. However, Baloch nationalism has stopped all their efforts.

He said this while he was in Germany where he met with various leaders of the BNM. He attended multiple meetings in Berlin, Hanover, South-Rhine-Westphilia, Kamenetz and Bremen where various topics including social media, party performance and ongoing war of freedom in Balochistan were discussed. Alongside him also joined Asghar Ali Baloch, President of BNM Germany.

During his address, he mentioned the case of Rauf Barkat, who was killed over the charges of blasphemy. He clarified that despite charges against him, people knew that it was a conspiracy. People also know that this is a state-sponsored act to tarnish Baloch society.

Efforts for future Cabinet

Dr. Naseem Baloch highlighted the last council session of the party where changes were made in BNM constitution as per the current situations. According to him, these changes will transform the party into an institutionally based organization. As part of this initiative, BNM has established sub-committees such as Media, Human Rights, Social Welfare, Foreign Department, Zrumbesh and Paank.

Underscoring the future aspirations, he said that this structure will allow for subsidiaries to entrust their performance and records to these sub-committees in the event of a new elected cabinet in the future.

He stated that party is itself an institution. He also underlined the importance of party by saying that the Baloch struggle is strong due to the support of the party. While speaking, Dr. Naseem Baloch and Asghar Ali Baloch stated that Baloch people must prepare today for their Independence Day. He cautioned the Baloch society that if they show weakness this day, they could not maintain their freedom like in the past, because Pakistan has not only acquired the Baloch land but also assimilated Baloch culture and language. Today, Baloch are fighting to preserve their language. In line with that, he mentioned Zrumbesh, a radio news channel that broadcasts daily news in Balochi.

When asked about Baloch women fidais, Dr. Naseem said that BNM constitution extends support to all freedom-seeking organisations. He went on to say, “It is within our right to express objections or criticism towards the policies and procedures of other organization. By doing so, we aim to prevent harm to overall freedom movement.”

Exiled government without consent is a joke

He also answered a question regarding the hot issue of the exiled government. He explained that establishing a government requires the recognition of the country, which extends power to establish its embassy. Any party must unify in the national struggle before taking any action and it can not be accomplished by anyone person or the organization. He categorically said that without consent of the stakeholders, the world would see this act as nothing more than a joke.

He stated that it is their dedication and obligation that keeps them bound to the track and the moment these feelings are suppressed, they become vulnerable. Active participation is what that maintains their connection with the cause.

He also underscored the importance of Baloch diaspora by saying that the choice to go in exile is not an easy one to make. A significant level of commitment is required for that. But the Baloch diaspora, like any other, are committed to the nation. However, the situation of Baloch diaspora I different as they have witnessed subjugation and torture and bear more responsibility.  

He lambasted Pakistan by saying that it is making efforts to eradicate the secular culture of Baloch society. They claim that they can transform the Baloch into “good Muslims” as if Baloch people are non-Muslims. He elucidated that Pakistan is a new-found state while Balochistan has existed for thousands of years, with many Baloch being Muslims for centuries. There are Hindus and other religious communities that have lived among Baloch, assimilating the Balochi language and tradition.

Again highlighting the importance of parties, he mentioned that in the long ongoing struggle, the parties have surpassed two-decades. He also said that the freedom movement demands persistent against the enemy, where resistance is extended until the adversary is compelled tom leave the land.   

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