BLA & BLF launch another attack on Pak Army in Balochistan

Pak Army attacked by BLA and BLF
BLA sarmachaars (freedom fighters). (Representative photo)

BLA and BLF has carried out separate attacks on the Pakistan Army and its infrastructure, making a strong dent on the occupying military.

In a deadly attack on the Pakistan Army post, Baloch Liberation Army has killed two of their personnel in the capital city Quetta. On August 25, around 8 p.m., BLA freedom fighters launched an assault using rockets and heavy weaponry on the occupying military’s post near PMDC site in Zarghun. The attack resulted in the killings of two personnel of the occupying army.

In the attack enemy forces suffered heavy men and material losses.

In a separate incident on the same day, Balochistan Liberation Front (BLF) set fire to the machinery of the mobile tower of Chinese Zong company in Dilsar village of Dasht Tehsil in Kech. BLF has stated that the Pakistan Army uses the Chinese communication setups to monitor Baloch people and their activities. Besides geo-fencing techniques with mobile towers, Pakistan Army also keeps surveillance on the Baloch freedom fighters and people by installing cameras and other espionage tools on these towers. Thus, it becomes more beneficial to the occupying army rather than the local Baloch people.

Both BLA and BLF have committed to continue attacking the occupying army until the liberation of Balochistan is achieved. Pakistan Army has been illegally occupying Balochistan since more than 76 years. After Balochistan gained its independence from the British on 11 August 1947, Pakistan eyes to merged it coercively into Pakistan, failing which, it launched an attack on Balochistan and illegally occupied it on March 28, 1948.

Since, then it has incorporated various abusive and inhumane practices to subvert the Baloch society. On the contrary, Balcoh society has emerged more strengthened and firm in their resistance to their illegal occupation.

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