Pakistan occupied Gilgit-Baltistan to soon witness major protest against wheat price hike

protest in gilgit baltistan
Aga Ali Rizvi (Photo: Social Media)

Rejecting the occupying government’s decision to increase the price of wheat and targeted subsidy, Tehrik-Insaaf (PTI) and Majlis-e-Unity Muslim Gilgit-Baltistan (MWM) announced they would start a major agitation soon. According to local media report, a consultation meeting of Pakistan Movement was held in a local hotel in Skardu, which was chaired by Mohammad Taqi Akhonthada, in which concern was expressed over the recent increase in the price of wheat and this increase was attributed to the drone attack on the people.

It was also decided in the consultation meeting of PTI to launch a big public movement in Pakistan-occupied Gilgit-Baltistan soon against the increase in wheat prices and targeted subsidy and in this regard PTI leaders should contact other political, religious, social and nationalist parties and suggestions will be sought from them to make the movement effective.

On the other hand, an emergency meeting of MWM was held under the chairmanship of Agha Ali Rizvi, in which the sudden increase in the price of wheat and targeted subsidy was rejected, terming it as a cruel decision.

Agha Ali Razvi said that the government is taking wrong decisions, the sudden increase in the price of wheat and targeted subsidy is a big attack on our people, we cannot remain silent on this. If silence is maintained, the price of wheat per bag will be increased to Rs 12,000 in one to two years. The government is checking the public, it wants to know to what extent the public will react, if the public remains silent. If the government will create more atrocities, we have decided that we will go to any extent for the people.

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