Families in Pak-occupied Balochistan protest against continued enforced disappearances by Pak Army

enforced disappearances in balochistan
Protestors At Shahid Fida Chowk (Photo: News Intervention)

The families of the victim of enforced disappearances from different areas of Turbat protested by taking out a rally on Friday and organized a demonstration at Shahid Fida Chowk demanding the recovery of all the missing persons.

In the demonstration, regional coordinator of the Human Rights Commission, Professor Ghani Vravaz and founding head of the Balochistan Rights Movement, Maulana Hidayat Rahman, along with leaders of all parties and civil society participated and addressed.

The rally was organized by social personality and leader of the rights movement Yakub Jowski.

For the recovery of victims of enforced disappearances , women and children from different areas came and participated under the leadership of Yakub Joski. The rally was started from Turbat Press Club, which was led by the female family members of the missing persons. Apart from this, the Regional Secretary of HRPC Balochistan Rights Movement coordinator Syed Jan Gichki, BNP’s central leader Dr. Ghafur, Khan Muhammad Jan, Turbat Soul Society coordinator Gulzar Dost, and others also participtated.

The participants, holding banners and placards with pictures of missing persons and slogans on them, reached Shahid Fida Chowk and held a rally.

Haq Do Movement joins

While speaking at the gathering, Haq Do Movement leader Maulana Hidayat Rahman said that forced disappearance of Baloch youth is not a good decision for Pakistan, it will increase hatred and create distance. The people who are doing this are the people of Pak occupied Balochistan.

He said that kidnapping, murder and torture of innocent Baloch youth is not acceptable. “If we are not allowed to live with dignity by abandoning this policy, then complaining against us is also unjustified.”

HRCP’s Regional coordinator Professor Ghani Prawaaz addressed the rally and said that kidnapping and torture of civilians and dumping of dead bodies inside the state is not a good omen nor is there any scope for such a thing in the Constitution and law if disappearances are seen in the state. This is a crime under the laws, therefore, to avoid this, all forced missing persons should be immediately produced before the courts or courts and they should be dealt with as per the legal procedure.

He said that if any of the missing persons has committed any crime then they should be punished as per the laws, kidnapping or forced disappearance of someone is a crime against humanity and the courts should take action against it. Take action because the institutions of justice are the courts. If the courts do not play a role in preventing forced disappearances, then it is the worst injustice to the people.

He said that we will not give up on every kind of peaceful and democratic struggle for the recovery of missing persons.

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