Pakistan wants bloodshed in Balochistan before fake elections – BNM

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As Pakistan gears up for its upcoming fake elections, tensions in Balochistan are expected to rise further. The Baloch National Movement (BNM) spokesperson has issued a grave warning, that Pakistan wants bloodshed in Balochistan during the so-called elections. The statement points to a disturbing trend of enforced disappearances, human rights violations, and state oppression that casts a dark shadow over the electoral process.

According to the BNM spokesperson, enforced disappearances have become a coercive tool employed by Pakistan to force individuals into voting, instilling fear through increased state oppression. Past elections have witnessed a notable rise in human rights violations and enforced disappearances, raising concerns about the fairness and legitimacy of the electoral process in the region.

The situation in Balochistan has escalated to a troubling extent, with military killings and enforced disappearances on the rise. The process of recovering forcefully missing persons has also seen a decline, adding to the anguish and distress of affected families. The situation has further deteriorated by the recent reports of enforced disappearances in Dera Bugti. Along with that, unabated killings and disappearances in Awaran and Kech districts have heightened apprehensions among the Baloch population.

Pak Instigated Violence Causing Mental Turmoil

The spokesperson attributed the violence perpetuated by the Pakistan Army in Balochistan to an increase in mental illness and suicide among the youth, leading to a surge in fear and anxiety throughout society. The situation has further exacerbated the existing sense of unrest and instability in the region.

Of particular concern is the claim that the Pakistan Army is allegedly attempting to create a civil war-like scenario in Balochistan, intending to cause extensive violence during the elections. The motive behind this move is purportedly to mask their crimes against humanity, presenting them as a political or tribal conflict. In areas like Wadh, the Pakistan Army is actively conspiring through death squads to pave the way for the establishment of a puppet government.

The spokesperson asserted that the Baloch people must remain vigilant and wise in comprehending the circumstances to prevent the occupying state’s sinister intentions. As, unity and a cohesive society are seen as vital elements in countering potential violence and safeguarding their rights and future.

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