Protests continue at Balochistan University after failed negotiations

Balochistan University of Engineering and Technology Khuzdar
Protests continues at Balochistan University (Photo: Social Media)

In recent developments, the talks between the Students Grand Alliance and the Balochistan University authority have failed. Earlier, speculations were made that negotiations had reached a conclusion, but the protestors denied the claim.

The administration is unable to make any decisions regarding the special exams because the students have decided to continue with the protests. Even after the notifications are out for the exams, they won’t budge until their demands are met.

For the last ten days, the students of Balochistan University of Engineering and Technology Khuzdar have been protesting, demanding their list of demands to be met. Their demands encompass various aspects, such as reducing fees, eliminating ‘unnecessary’ surveillance cameras, restoring scholarships, and lifting restrictions on study circles. Additionally, they insist on the removal of the current examination controller, whom they accuse of displaying intimidating behavior.

The peaceful sit-in protest saw a brutal crackdown when the Police and Frontier Corps tortured the protestors in the University premises and detained several students, who were later released.

In solidarity, The Baloch Students Action Committee held a protest rally in the capital Quetta and campaigned in favor of the protestors on social networking sites.

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