Pakistani military operation continues in POB

military operation by Pak Army
Representative Photo

The large-scale operation of the Pakistan Army in the Bolan region of Occupied Balochistan, which started on Thursday continued till Friday.Not only infantry troops participated in the operation, but they were also supported by combat helicopters.

Like the previous day, five gunship helicopters continuously flew and were assisting the ground forces. Dage.The Pak Army time and again conduct military operations. Whenever, they conduct military operations human rights are brazenly flaunted, raiding houses, setting up random check posts in different areas and forcibly kidnapping the locals.It should be noted that due to the control of Pakistani establishment over media in Balochistan, the Pakistan Army has become completely unrestrained and it has committed war crimes without heeding any international humanitarian and war laws.It is clear that Pakistani barbarism has given birth to a human tragedy in Balochistan. The ongoing atrocities in Balochistan over the past two decades have been increasing with each passing month and year. Seeing this, one can better imagine Pakistan’s intentions for the Baloch national genocide. There is no area left that has not been set on fire, people have not been evacuated, and houses have not been set on fire. In fact, no area in Balochistan is safe.

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