Pakistani regime abducts 4 Baloch from Kech

Kech,district of occupied Balochistan (Photo:Social Media)

Pakistani security forces raided different houses in Gokdan area of Turbat (the main city of Kech district of occupied Balochistan) and forcibly disappeared four youths. The families of the youths have confirmed the incident. The identity of the mentioned youths are Mirza son of Barkat, Bilal son of Haji Abdul Aziz, Abdul Raziq son of Muhammad Jan and Muhammad Hanif  while a young man named Muhammad Hanif Dadu from Gogdan is already in custody.

Two days ago, three youths Syed Jan, Shahzad and Jahanzeb were forcibly disappeared by the Pak forces from Absar Yaqoob Mohalla in Turbat. Pakistan Army continues its genocide across occupied Balochistan wherein several innocent Baloch youth are first abducted and their bodies found later. Baloch Human Rights organizations have records of more than 30,000 innocent Baloch who have been abducted by the Pakistani security forces and are now “missing”. Another 10,000 Baloch have been killed and dumped by the Pakistan Army in various operations conducted across occupied Balochistan. Historically, Balochistan has been a separate nation that came under British imperial rule along with India. On 11 August 1947 Balochistan attained its independence from British colonial rule. However, this independence was short lived and Balochistan was occupied by Pakistan Army on 27 March 1948. The Baloch have been fighting for the independence from Pakistan since this date.

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