Pakistan’s abduction of Baloch intellectual Dr Liaqat Sunni is ‘Naked Aggression’

Dr Liaqat Sunni, chairman of Brahui department at the University of Balochistan has been abducted by Pakistani security agencies. (Photo: News Intervention)
Dr Liaqat Sunni, chairman of Brahui department at the University of Balochistan has been abducted by Pakistani security agencies. (Photo: News Intervention)

Dr Liaqat Sunni, eminent Baloch intellectual and chairman of Brahui department at the University of Balochistan joined the list of people who have been disappeared by the Pakistani security forces. Strongly condemning the “enforced disappearance” of Dr Liaqat Sunni the Baloch National Movement (BNM) spokesperson said “naked aggression” against Baloch individuals continues as usual.

Dr. Liaqat Sunni is also a poet and writer who hails from Mastung in Pakistan-occupied Balochistan.

The BNM spokesperson explained that in accordance with a new strategy, Pakistan is trying to portray the abduction of Dr. Liaquat Sunni as a kidnapping for ransom so that the image of the state is not tarnished and the sentiments of Baloch nation can easily be diverted. “But the Baloch nation is fully aware of state barbarism in all its forms. The way, in which Dr. Liaquat Sunni was abducted in broad daylight by personnel who came in three vehicles, itself exhibits the tactics used by Pakistani agencies,” added the BNM spokesperson.

Pakistan’s abduction of Dr. Liaqat Sunni is yet another attempt to deprive the Baloch society of knowledgeable personalities and intellectuals. This policy has been going on for decades in order to inhibit the growth and development of Baloch nation in the field of science and literature. The assassination of Saba Dashtyari–the fountain knowledge, at Quetta by Pakistanis security forces is another example of their tactics. Hundreds and thousands of torchbearers of knowledge including Haji Razzaq, Ustad Ali Jan, Professor Razzaq and Zahid Askani had been earlier assassinated or disappeared. “But the struggle for freedom against slavery is continuous and will continue in the future. It is determined that the abduction of teachers, students, women and children will bring disgrace to Pakistan,” the BNM spokesperson added.

BNM further added that Pakistan was pursuing a multi-dimensional strategy of socio-economic aggression against the Baloch nation. “People are being killed and abducted in military operations across Balochistan on a daily basis. Houses and possessions are being looted and burned. Death Squads consisting of the Pakistani Army personnel, intelligence agencies and criminals have now morphed into bloodthirsty beasts. No one’s life is safe. The Baloch land has been turned into a hell for the Baloch people.”

“We are convinced that Dr Liaqat Sunni has been picked up by the secret agencies of the Pakistani state. The Pakistani state is trying to cover its war crimes by depicting such enforced disappearances as kidnappings. These kidnappings for ransom have been going on for the last several years in Balochistan. For instance, Pakistan Army’s Major Naveed demand six million rupees the release of Hafeezullah Baloch who was abducted from Dalbanden. This case came to light after the Pakistan Army chief had himself accepted that their Major had kidnapped Hafeezullah for ransom.”

In fact, Balochistan is a war zone. People are being abducted despite the presence of Pakistan Army outposts and camps that are present after every kilometer. This itself is an indication that the kidnappings across occupied Balochistan are being carried out with the consent and tacit support of the Pakistani state.


  1. […] On 29 November, 2020, Dr Liaquat Sunni, Chairman of the Brahvi Department of Balochistan University, left Quetta on an official duty to Khuzdar along with two other professors. Unidentified armed men intercepted their car in Mastung and took them away at gunpoint. The two other professors, Prof. Shabbir Shahwani and Prof. Nizam Shahwani were released soon after but Dr. Sunni remained missing for some more days. He was let off by his abductors after about five days. […]

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