Pakistan’s attempt to erase Hindu identity; converts temple into mosque

hindu temple converted to mosque in Pak
Hindu Temple converted to Mosque (Photo: Social Media)

In a recent development in Ahmed Pur, Punjab, Pakistan, a temple that once stood with Shri Krishna as deity in sanctum has undergone a transformation into a mosque. This significant alteration has sparked controversy and shed light on the erasure of Hindu identity persisting in Pakistan.

The temple, previously dedicated to the revered deity Shri Krishna, now stands sealed and bricked up, serving as a mosque in its new guise. The local mosque’s Maulana claims that this conversion took place approximately 70 years ago, adamantly denying any previous existence as a haveli or mansion.

Curiously, the Maulana points to knots in the ceiling, purported evidence of the structure’s Hindu roots. He further highlights the presence of multiple staircases, a feature uncommon in mosques but prevalent in Hindu temples. The erasure of the symbols of Hinduism is more than just an attack on a particular religion.

This incident isn’t an isolated case. It echoes a larger trend of diminishing Hindu cultural heritage in Pakistan. Recently, the revered Sharda Peeth temple in Pakistan-occupied Jammu and Kashmir faced a similar fate. The temple’s boundary wall was dismantled and a coffee house of Pakistan Army was made in its premises.

The alarming frequency of such incidents continues. Just months ago, Mari Mata Mandir, a 150-year-old Hindu temple in Sindh, suffered vandalism, adding to the distressing list of Hindu temples facing desecration across Pakistan.

These acts signify a ulterior motives of bigoted society and leadership in Pakistan; they symbolize a deliberate erasure of cultural identity, silencing echoes of ancient traditions. The plight of these temples echoes a call for preservation and respect for diverse cultural heritage, urging a reexamination of the nation’s commitment to safeguarding its historical and religious sites.

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