Pashtun Council Canada (PCC) rallies for the release of Imaan Mazari & Ali Wazir

PROTEST in Canada for release of Pashtun leaders
PCC Protest, Canada (Photo: Social Media)

Pashtun Council Canada (PCC) held a protest demonstration for the release of arrested Pashtun Tahafuz Movement (PTM) activists including Imaan Mazari, Ali Wazir.

On September 3, the activists of Pashtun Council Canada gathered at Celebration Square, City Centre Mississauga, in Canada. They protested against the illegal arrest of PTM workers and an illegitimate crackdown over the PTM activists following the August 18 jalsa in Islamabad.

The PCC also raised its voice against the ongoing enforced disappearance of PTM activists along with other vocal Pashtuns. Earlier on August 25, people in Europe also took to the streets in favour of Pashtun movement and protested against the Pakistan Army’s crackdown on PTM rally and its activists.

Pakistan Army and its oppressive policies has made the Pashtun land and people vulnerable. The Pashtuns have been exploited and thrown to the reign of terror by the Pakistan Army. Despite that, Pashtuns have largely been non-violent in their protests. However, Pakistan Army in turn, always tried to crush those protests with force. It is now that Pashtuns have reached Islamabad and challenged the authoritarian regime of Pakistan to refrain from subverting Pashtuns.

Hence, Pashtuns and other human rights activists across the globe are raising voice for the Pashtun cause.  

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