Pashtuns join Baloch movement against Pak Army’s atrocities on Baloch & Pashtuns

pashtun and baloch movement against Pak army
Protestors in BYC rally (Photo: Social Media)

Noor Bacha, a prominent member of The Pashtun Tahafuz Movement, has joined forces with the Baloch movement. At the Grand National Gathering in Shawani Stadium, Quetta, he expressed concerns about ongoing human rights violations in Pak-occupied Balochistan and KPK.

The Pashtun Nation has faced prolonged genocide, with a history marred by bloodshed. The Pak Army, establishing bases in Pashtun land, led to a dire situation with terrorists on one side and the Pak Army on the other. This resulted in widespread human rights violations, including extra-judicial arrests, disappearances, abductions, and indiscriminate killings.

Pashtun and human rights activists not only face abductions but also arbitrary killings. An alarming case is that of PTM Chief Manzoor Pashteen, abducted after a deadly attack on his convoy. He was on his way to participate in a protest against extrajudicial killings organized by Baloch Yekjehti Committee. Despite obtaining bail, he is continuously implicated in unrelated cases at different locations, highlighting the oppression against activists advocating for rights and peace.

This incident underscores the violent suppression of dissent and ethnic communities in Pakistan. The collaboration between the Pashtuns movement and Baloch movement holds the potential to end the genocide of these ethnic communities through unity and resistance.

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