PoB: BLA strikes, kills four & injures five Pak Army soldiers

Baloch Liberation Army Targets Pakistan Army
BLA strikes Pakistan Army (Photo - X)

In a display of courage and valour, the Baloch Liberation Army (BLA) attacked the Pakistan Army in three separate incidents across Pak-occupied-Balochistan. According to BLA spokesperson Jeeyand Baloch, these attacks occurred in Tump, Zamran, and Mastung, resulting in the death of four Army personnel and injury to five others.

In Tump, located in Kech district, BLA fighters targeted Pak Army engaged in an offensive operation. Amidst the military’s advancement, BLA fighters ambushed them, leading to the immediate death of three personnel. Furthermore, in Mastung, BLA targeted a security post within the main Army camp using a hand grenade, injuring three personnel.


Later on, BLA fighters fired grenades and automatic weapons at a military post in Zamran’s Koh Tan area. This resulted in the death of one and injury to at least two others. Furthermore, the BLA launched an attack on the Pakistan Army in Bolan, employing a remotely controlled IED to target a military vehicle in the Margat area of Bolan. The explosion resulted in death of three personnel and complete destruction of the vehicle.

The damage inflicted on the Army was significant, demonstrating the BLA’s unwavering commitment to an independent Balochistan. Since the forceful and brutal occupation by the Pakistan Army in 1928, Balochistan has endured a painful environment. To liberate their motherland from this brutal occupation, freedom fighters of the BLA and BLF have taken up arms and chosen to resist the evil, oppressive force in power.

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