POB: Hub Chowki under Section 144 after election violence kills two

Hub Chowki under section 144 after Election violence claimed Two lives and left dozens injured
Protest in Hub Chowki (Photo: X)

In a tragic turn of events, a deadly crossfire erupted between two rival election candidates and their supporters which led hundreds of people to take to the streets in Hub Chowki, which is the industrial city of Pak-occupied Balochistan.

The violence broke out near the Civic Center, which is the venue for the recounting of votes for the PB-12 constituency, following the general elections that were held on February 8. Ali Hassan Zehri, candidate of the Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) and the Bhootani group, both of the sides claimed victory in the general elections. The situation turned violent and their supporters started exchanging fires, which led to the killing of two people and injuring eleven.

One of the victims is identified as Sikkandar Chatna, a member of the Bhootani group. The protestors blocked the traffic on the roads and demanded the arrest of the culprits. The protestors contended that the supporters of Ali Hassan Zehri are being supported by the city administration, as they openly flaunt their weapons and are not being arrested.

Reportedly, the police were negotiating with the Bhootani group over filing an FIR against the PPP supporters. Also, the Hub Chowki SP met with a delegation of the Bhootani group.

The Bhootani group stated that while they were protesting against election tampering in front of the Residing Officer’s office, the armed PPP supporters attacked their peaceful, nonviolent supporters.

As tensions continued to simmer, the city administration of Hub Chowki implemented Section 144, prohibiting weapon carrying, pillion rides, and political meetings for one month.

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