Protest erupts in Kharan & Pasni over road closure and 12-18 hours of load shedding

Protest erupts after forceful road closures and load shedding
Road closure (Photo: X)

Recently in the Kharan and Pasni region of Pak-occupied Balochistan protests by the public have been sparked by the unexpected load shedding and road closures by the Pak Army.

In a letter to Deputy Commissioner Munir Ahmad Soomro, the residents and students from the Jozhan area of Kharan have requested the reopening of a road that is close to the FC camp. Reportedly, the road was closed during the general elections stating security concerns.

“If the road is part of the FC camp, we understand its closure. However, if it’s a public road, we urge its immediate reopening,” they said emphasizing the serious inconvenience the closure had caused.

Such security-related closures are not uncommon in Pak-occupied Balochistan. They have been previously imposed in Turbat, Gwadar and Khuzdar regions. These closures often result in public discontent and protests against such restrictions and the treatment at checkpoints.

At the same time, an intense protest broke out against the QESCO over unexpected load shedding broke out in Pasni. Women protestors forced QESCO employees inside their workplace and demanded an end to the daily struggles caused by power cuts.

The citizens demonstrated their frustration with the daily 12 to 18 hours of load shedding. They expressed their annoyance and that they could no longer stand this situation as Ramadan drew near, which made it unbearable. They pay their bills on time and expect a reliable electric supply.

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