POJK Council Secretariat employees lock secretariat building,demand salary restoration

protest for salary in pojk
POJK Council Secretariat Employees (Photo: News Intervention)

In a resolute display of unity and determination, employees of the Pakistan-occupied Jammu and Kashmir Council Secretariat situated in Islamabad staged a peaceful protest after enduring five months without receiving their salaries. The move, encompassing all employees from Grade 1 to 20, was a poignant plea for the restoration of their overdue payments.

Under the leadership of the Federal Employees Association President, Rahman Ali Bajwa, the employees locked down the Secretariat building, amplifying their demands for immediate action. Their protest, aimed at addressing a singular but critical point – the restoration of their salaries, garnered significant attention.

During the peaceful demonstration, the Secretary Admin and Section Officer General, alongside certain deputation employees, were barred from entering the premises by the participating employees. The collective effort was fueled by the solidarity displayed, with Rahman Ali Bajwa reaffirming unwavering support for their cause.

Unity amidst worsening condition

Expressing solidarity with the aggrieved Pak-occupied Jammu and Kashmir Council employees, Bajwa voiced his commitment to tirelessly advocate for their rights, emphasizing that their struggle resonated deeply with him. His impassioned speech delivered a clear message to both the Pakistani establishment and the POJK occupying government, urging immediate action to restore the withheld salaries of the POJK council employees.

Amidst the protest, distressing news emerged from the household of a senior council employee, where their landlord reportedly evicted their belongings and children onto the streets due to the non-payment of rent. The gravity of the situation took a toll on the employee’s health, necessitating immediate medical attention. In a heartening display of compassion, office employees rallied to support the affected family, providing care for the children while the employee received medical aid at the nearest hospital.

Subsequently, Rahman Ali Bajwa underscored the urgency of the situation, setting a three-day deadline for the restoration of salaries. Should their demands remain unmet, he announced plans to escalate the protest, potentially staging a demonstration in front of the Prime Minister Pakistan Secretariat. The Federal Employees Association pledged full participation in this intensified effort to secure the rights and salaries of the affected employees.

Nevertheless, Kashmiris have always endured persecution by the Pakistani establishment. The conditioned has only worsened with passing time. As of now, the basic amenities are being snatched from them. And any one related to POJK is being targeted. Few days ago, the staff of Muzaffarabad University carried out a protest rally for pending salary increment and now the council secretariat staff is protesting. This shows that Pakistani establishment is only working to somehow create tensions related to POJK.

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