BNM condemns attack on Pashtun leader Manzoor Pashteen’s convoy

Manzoor Pashteen's special message
Manzoor Pashteen PTM Chief (Photo - News Intervention)

The central spokesperson of the Baloch National Movement (BNM) conveyed congratulations to Manzoor Pashteen, a key figure in the Pashtun Tahafuz Movement, lauding his leadership in championing the rights of the Pashtun community. Emphasizing unity among oppressed communities, the spokesperson highlighted the shared struggles of the Baloch, Pashtun, and other marginalized groups within Pakistan.

In a demonstration of solidarity, the spokesperson emphasized the urgent need for a collective effort grounded in the acknowledgment of their historical and national identities. “The key to dignified lives for oppressed communities lies in a unified stance, mutual acknowledgment of suffering, and collaborative endeavours for justice,” the spokesperson emphasized.

Outlining Pakistan’s constraints on marginalised factions, the spokesperson likened the nation to a confining prison where freedom of movement is severely curtailed. Addressing recent events involving Manzoor Pashteen, the spokesperson condemned the firing at his convoy, signalling Pakistan’s unease toward potential joint resistance from marginalized communities.

The spokesperson shed light on the dominion of the Punjabi Army and the suppression faced by non-Punjabi ethnicities, highlighting restrictions imposed on the development of language and culture. Instances of curtailed academic activities and the forceful cancellation of events portrayed a consistent suppression of voices from marginalized regions.

Expressing profound concern over the recent attack on the Pashtun community, the spokesperson vehemently denounced the actions of the establishment. Reiterating the ongoing challenges faced by Baloch and Pashtun communities, the spokesperson emphasized their shared struggle against the Pakistani establishment’s attempts to erase their national identities.

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