POJK:Pak Army enters Muzaffarabad ahead of May 11 processions; Kashmiris demand evacuation


A full-fledged protest was staged in Muzaffarabad against the notification of the arrival of non-local police and FC personnel by Pakistan ahead of Rights procession on May 11.

The Joint Awami Action Committee chanted slogans against terrorism and outright rejected such actions. Earlier in morning today the Pak forces reached Muzaffarabad.

Awami Action Committee eaders stated that this is the result of the anti-Kashmir policy which can have dire consequences, as the people vehemently oppose and reject such intrusions.

Furthermore, it was said that decisions based on oppression and coercion will not be tolerated.Officials stated that their demands should be met based on public aspirations.

May 11 processions to Muzaffarabad demanding fulfilment of COD

Notably, the action comes ahead of the May 11 processions. The Joint Awami Action Committe has called to hold processions from Bhimber, Mirpur, Kotli, Poonch and other places to culminate at Muzaffarabad to protest against Pakistan for not fulfilling their basic demands.

For past one year, Kashmiris are holding protests and deliberations with the Islamabad-imposed puppet government, demanding their basic rights that include subsidised wheat flour, electricity, end to lead sheddings, the royalty to POJK on their resources exploited by Pakistan, among others. All these demands are covered in the Charter of Demands of POJK Joint Awami Action Committee.

For over seven months, they have boycotted the electricity bills. Every month the electricity bills are accumulated and publicly set on fire because of the high price resale of POJK generated electricity back to them.

Now when the Pakistan gave no ears to their voice, Kashmiris are intensifying their protest. But Pakistan that has illegally controlled the region has given clear indication of use of force. The imperialistic behaviour of Pakistan had to be exposed one day or the other.

During the protest against Pak forces incoming in Muzaffarabad, agitators hurled slogans calling ‘evacuation of Pakistan’.

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