Tibetan protestors confront Xi Jinping in France with go back slogans & Free Tibet banners

protest by tibetans
Tibetans protesting infront of Chinese President Xi Jinping's motorcade (Photo: X)

Protesters from various ethnic and activist groups flooded the streets of Paris to voice their opposition to Chinese President Xi Jinping’s two-day visit to France. Unfurling banners and waving flags, Uyghur, Tibetans, and Chinese activists gathered to denounce China’s human rights abuses and assert their demands for freedom and justice.

The demonstrations began with a powerful declaration from Tibetan activists, who displayed a large banner proclaiming “Free Tibet” and confronted Xi Jinping’s motorcade as it made its way through the Boulevard Périphérique. The presence of the “Free Tibet flag” symbolised the Tibetan independence movement’s defiance against Chinese oppression.

Ethnic Tibetans and Uyghurs, along with activists from various backgrounds, joined forces to condemn Beijing’s crackdown on religious and cultural freedoms in Tibet and Xinjiang. They highlighted the plight of their communities and called attention to China’s mass arbitrary detentions and other human rights violations.

As per reports, Tenzin Yangzom, campaigns coordinator at International Tibet Network, emphasized the urgency of the situation, asserting that Tibetans will not rest until they achieve freedom. The protesters urged President Macron and European leaders to stand up against Xi Jinping’s regime and prioritise human rights in their engagements with China.

Demonstration at Place de la République

The demonstrations culminated in a gathering at Place de la République, where over 1,000 demonstrators rallied for an end to repression in Tibet, the release of political prisoners, and halt to China’s dam construction projects. Street performers depicted the dire human rights situation in Tibet as protesters marched to Place de la Bastille, where they remained for hours.

Despite facing opposition from pro-China activists and surveillance from Chinese agents, the protesters remained steadfast in their demands for justice.

Notably, anti-Xi activists from China also participated in the protests, highlighting the diversity of voices within China and dissent against Xi’s authoritarian rule. These activists underscored the importance of defending freedom and universal values in the face of Xi Jinping’s growing influence.

Xi Jinping’s visit to France comes amid growing concerns over China’s expanding authoritarianism and its Belt and Road Initiative, which has raised questions about the erosion of democratic norms in Europe. As Xi continues his European tour, protesters vow to keep up the pressure and demand accountability for China’s human rights violations.

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