Protest erupts in POJK against killings by the Pak Army

POJK protest
People in POJK protesting against Pak Army (Photo: News Intervention)

People from Pakistan-occupied Jammu and Kashmir (POJK) protested against the Pakistan Army near the Line of Control (LOC). A couple of days ago, some civilians were shot in Tetrinote near the LOC. Establishments in POJK claimed that the Indian army fired upon the civilians from the other side. However, later findings exposed that the Pakistan Army had been responsible for their deaths, deliberately aiming to falsely accuse the Indian army.

Furthermore, videos circulating on social media clearly show that ambulance services were not provided to the victims. People were forced to carry the injured and deceased on their backs and shoulders.

Nevertheless, upon learning the truth, people began protesting against the Pakistan Army and the jihadists. They took to the streets, raising slogans like “Yeh jo dehshatgardi hai, iske peeche wardi hai” (Behind this terrorism, there is the Pakistan Army). Additionally, the protestors chanted slogans that labeled the Pakistan Army as murderers, cruel oppressors, killers of Kashmiris, and irrelevant

Qaatil Fauj-Qaatil Fauj- Pakistan ki Baatil Fauj,

Zaalim Fauj-Zaalim Fauj- Pakistan ki Qaatil Fauj,

Chor Fauj-Chor Fauj- Pakistan ki Qaatil Fauj,

Kashmiriyon ki Qaatil-Pakistan ki Baatil Fauj.”

The Pakistan Army has consistently employed despicable tactics to defame India, continually stooping to new lows. The people in POJK have now become vocal against Pakistan’s tactics and oppression, organizing protests and expressing their concerns over jihadi operatives in the region. It is worth noting that the Pak Army has recently reactivated jihadists in POJK, who are abducting Kashmiri youth for jihad.

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