Protest in Sindh against the rape of a Hindu girl

rape of a hindu girl in sindh
The minority Hindu community appeal for justice during the protest against the rape of a Hindu girl by a local thug (Photo: News Intervention)

In their pursuit of justice, the Hindu community in Ghulam Nabi Shah, Sindh, has organized a protest against the Khipro Police. A few days ago, reports emerged of the rape of a poor farmer named Hemi Kolhi by Mashoq Mallah, a local thug. Displaying tremendous bravery, the girl resolved to fight her battle through the legal system, but unfortunately, the police force has proven to be utterly hopeless, failing to apprehend the perpetrator.

Now, alongside Hemi’s family, other members of the minority Hindu community have taken their grievances to the streets. The protesters have fervently appealed to Shazia Marri, a Member of the National Assembly, to ensure the arrest of the rapist. The fact that the accused continues to roam freely, even after being named in the complaint itself, speaks volumes about the state of law enforcement in Pakistan. It serves as a disheartening illustration of how a local criminal and rapist receive greater protection than the very victim from the minority Hindu community.

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