Protest in Punjab (Pak) against abduction of Baloch student Khuda Dad Seraj

    Baloch Students Rally Against Abduction of Khuda Dad Seraj
    Sargodha Protest (Photo - X)

    The Baloch Students Council Punjab staged a protest rally outside the Lahore Press Club regarding the forceful enforced disappearance and abduction of Baloch student Khuda Dad Seraj and the persistent abduction and genocide faced by Baloch students across the nation. Amidst chants and placards, the demonstrators demanded the safe release of Seraj, who has been missing for 20 days from Sargodha without any reason.

    The rally, organized by the Baloch Students Council Punjab, drew attention to not only the enforced disappearance of Seraj but also to the broader issue of profiling and abduction experienced by Baloch students. Pamphlets were distributed to raise awareness about the unjust circumstances surrounding Seraj’s disappearance.

    Despite their peaceful intentions, the protesters were met with hostility from the puppet Punjab Police, who attempted to disrupt the rally through force and violence. Yet, undeterred, the students stood their ground, refusing to back down until their demands for justice were heard. The clash with law enforcement saw two brave protestors unjustly detained, but their fellow students rallied around them, demanding their immediate release.

    In a statement following the rally, the Baloch Students Council Punjab condemned the police’s heavy-handed tactics, emphasizing that they had followed all legal procedures and obtained permission for the demonstration.

    Since the brutal occupation by the Pakistan Army in 1948, the region has been plagued by unrest. Daily raids, abductions, and a lack of basic infrastructure have become common, leaving the Baloch population to endure untold hardships and oppression.

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