Suspiciously missing girl found dead in POGB;locals demand more security

Deceased Inara from POGB
Deceased Inara from POGB (Photo: X)

The body of a young missing girl has been discovered near a stream close to Danyor College in Gilgit, POGB. Identified as 18-year-old Inara, who hailed from Yasin, Ghizer.

Inara had been reported missing from Danyor for the past 24 days. According to authorities, the report of her disappearance was lodged at the Danyor Police Station on March 5.

The circumstances surrounding her death remain unclear, and investigations are underway to determine the cause.

Local residents expressed shock and grief over the tragic death of missing girl, highlighting the need for enhanced security measures in the area. The community awaits further updates from law enforcement regarding the ongoing investigation into Inara’s untimely demise.

POGB is grappling with multiple challenges crucial for the survival of the populace. The recent incidents of abduction adds more to the worse. Recently, a minor girl named Falak Noor was abducted from Sultanabad, Pak-occupied Gilgit. Later she was coerced into a marriage. The police has failed to bring back the girl, also it has not been able to take prudent actions.

Agitated people have decided to register their protest outside the Karachi Press Club under the aegis of Gilgit Baltistan Youth Alliance Karachi. The incidents raise serious concerns over the Islamabad-imposed governance of Pak occupied Gilgit Baltistan.

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