Protest in Quetta against enforced disappearances of Balochs by Pak Army

protest in quetta
Protest outside Quetta Press Club (Photo: News Intervention)

The Baloch Solidarity Committee organised a protest outside the Quetta Press Club against the rising cases of enforced disappearances including the recent one of Salim Baloch.

On 10 July, the protest was organized which was attended by the people of various Baloch organizations including the Voice for Baloch Missing Person (VBMP). In the protest, Chairman of VBMP, Nasrullah Baloch said that on the pretext of security, forces have been deployed across Balochistan who carry out profiling of the Baloch nationals. They harass them and forcibly abduct them from different educational institutions in Balochistan.

Citing the report of commission constituted by Islamabad High Court, he said that the report acknowledged 59 cases of enforced disappearances. Apart from that he stated that more than 166 cases have been reported to VBMP. Elucidating the relevance of such protest he told that if anyone faces oppression or any institution violates the human rights and the responsible authorities show pure ignorance, then civil society rises for the right of people. The organizations like VBMP among others, demonstrate their protest to take the exploitation and oppression under the notice of the adjudicating bodies and the government.

He demanded that if there is an accusation against the forcibly disappeared individual, he must be presented in front of the court. The protest highlights the extra-constitutional actions that are prevalent and have become a common routine in Balochistan. Pakistan is currently practicing the rule of jungles where no human rights are safe and abducting Balochs and torturing them.     

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