Protests in POJK over soaring flour & electricity prices under Pakistan’s forceful rule

Protests Planned on August 3
POJK protests (Photo: News Intervention)

On August 3, people in 10 areas of Pakistan-occupied Jammu and Kashmir held protests against the high prices of basic things like flour and electricity. These protests are organized by groups like Public Action Committees, Trade Unions, and Student Organizations, who want the government to help make flour cheaper, reduce electricity costs, and remove certain taxes.

Since May 9, there have been protests where people sit down in places like Hajira, Thorar, and Rawalkot. They’re doing this to tell the government, Pakistan’s forceful rule that things need to change and become fairer for them. They’ve also done things like not opening shops for a day (called a “shutter-down strike”) and not letting vehicles move (called a “wheel jam strike”). They’ve been doing these things on and off to get their message across.

As momentum continues to build, hundreds of individuals participate in daily day-and-night sit-ins, underscoring the dedication of the community to secure better living conditions. After the August 3 demonstrations, plans have been unveiled for additional protest sit-ins at district headquarters, alongside a proposed civil disobedience movement. This civil resistance strategy includes the initial refusal to pay electricity bills as a form of peaceful protest.

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