BLA attacks Pak Army across Balochistan

BLA attack
Targeted vehicle (Photo: Social Media)

Once again, BLA carried out multiple attacks on the occupying Pakistan Army as well as vehicle plundering Balochistan national resources.

In a first, Baloch Liberation Army freedom fighters attacked a Pakistan Army outpost in Chungi area of Margat, Bolan. Using heavy weaponry, BLA freedom fighters killed one personnel of the occupying Army while leaving at least two injured.

In another attack on the occupying Pak Army’s outpost in Garmkan, Panjgur, BLA freedom fighters injured at least two enemy personnel.

Apart from these two attacks on the occupying army, BLA also targeted a trucks which was loaded with the Baloch national resources. While one truck was destroyed, other was damaged in the attack. BLA has firmly stated in its statement that the attacks like these will continue till the liberation of Balochistan is conceived.

Balochistan, being a resource rich nation was occupied by Pakistan Army in March 1948, just after the seven months of its Independence. The only purpose to do so was Pakistan’s lust for resourceful territoty. Unfortunately, they are exploiting the Baloch national resources till date with full impunity. Consequently, the organisations like BLA are posing resistance to such exploitation.

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