Attacks on Pak forces in Panjgur and Awaran,POB

Attacks on Pakistan Forces
Attack on Pakistan forces (Photo: News Intervention)

In recent developments from Pakistan-occupied- Balochistan, unidentified armed assailants targeted a Pakistan forces’ checkpoint in the Garmkan area of Panjgur. The attack resulted in losses for the forces, although specific details remain undisclosed at this time.

Simultaneously, the region between Awaran and Mishke witnessed a flurry of heavy gunfire and explosions, raising concerns among local sources about a clash between Pakistan forces and unidentified armed individuals.

Meanwhile, in Kolwah, reports have emerged of alleged human rights violations during a military operation. Pakistan forces have been accused of subjecting women and children to torture in various areas. Furthermore, reports indicate that valuable items, including mobile devices, were confiscated from homes during these operations.

Balochistan gained independence from the British on August 11, 1947, but Pakistan forcibly took control on March 27, 1948. Since then, the Baloch people have faced abductions, murders, and atrocities. Despite this, they continue to resist Pakistan’s occupation through protests, armed struggle, and a fight for human rights. The Pakistan military employs illegal tactics to suppress Balochistan’s resilient spirit.

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