Two Baloch students shot in a fake encounter by Karachi police

Karachi police kill baloch students
Injured Baloch students (Photo: Social Media)

In a distressing incident, two Baloch students were shot in a fake encounter by the Karachi Police. This event has once again shed light on the extra-judicial measures taken by the state machinery, wreaking havoc on the lives of Baloch people. The police quickly asserted the legitimacy of the encounter, but the victims’ family promptly released a compelling video that debunked the police’s claims.

Noor and Fahim belonged to Mastung area of Balochistan and were in Karachi to spend their summer holidays with her mother.

The Police stated that they carried out an encounter on July 27, in which Noor Mohammad and Fahim Ahmad sustained gunshots. Police also registered a case against them alleging siezation of weapon from them.

On the other hand, family of the victims stated that armed officials abused the victims and escorted them away on the bike. Meanwhile, the family also took the video of the whole incident. Surprisingly, moments after they were picked, police stated that both the boys were shot in an encounter at Rafah-e-Aam Society.

The family was shocked after listening to Police statement. They soon released the video of the whole incident that busted the claims by Police. This raised resentment in the people.

In response to public outcry, SSP Korangi stated that they have taken cognizance of the incident and are conducting a thorough investigation. Lately, the Baloch students have become a prime target of Pakistan. From Islamabad to Quetta, Pak sponsored atrocious forces are delved in enforced disappearance of Baloch students.

Had those videos not been recorded, the innocent minor Baloch boys would have been declared as terrorists and brutally killed. Moreover, the failed state of Pakistan would have also started to exploit the fake encounter for propagating its anti-Baloch agenda.

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