PTM leader Ali Wazir sent to Adiala Jail on Judicial Remand

PTM leader ali wazir
PTM Leader Ali Wazir (Photo: Social Media)

In a significant development, former National Assembly member and PTM leader Ali Wazir has been remanded to Adiala Jail on judicial remand by the Islamabad Anti-Terrorism Court. This decision comes in the wake of a fraud case against him, marking a crucial development in the ongoing legal proceedings.

The Islamabad Anti-Terrorism Court, presided over by Judge Raja Jawad Abbas, conducted the hearing pertaining to the fraud allegations against Ali Wazir. Following the completion of Ali Wazir’s three-day physical remand, he was presented before the court by the police.

During the hearing, the prosecution requested an additional six-day extension of Ali Wazir’s physical remand. However, Judge Raja Jawad Abbas declined this request, opting instead to place Ali Wazir under judicial remand and handing him over to the police custody.

This decision signifies a pivotal moment in the legal process surrounding Ali Wazir’s alleged involvement in the fraud case. Additionally, the court has issued notices for September 11 to address Ali Wazir’s bail application in connection with the ongoing fraud case.

PTM leader Ali Wazir, a former member of the National Assembly, has been a prominent figure in the politics of Pakistan and the Pashtun Movement. He was arrested during a crackdown on PTM workers after the PTM rally in Islamabad. Since then, the Pakistan establishment has taken every extra-judicial measure to oppress the leaders and activists related to PTM.

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