Balochistan: BLA launches another attack on Pak Army in Panjgur & Turbat

Baloch Liberation Army claims responsibility for attacks
Baloch Liberation Army (Photo - Social Media)

In a daring attack, the Baloch Liberation Army (BLA) has targeted the Pakistan Army and its agents again in two separate attacks in Panjgur and Turbat. These attacks resulted in injuries of at least five personnel.

In the first incident, BLA fired multiple rounds at a Pakistan Army post situated on the CPEC route in Rahi Nigor, Panjgur, during the night. The attack, which involved the use of a grenade launcher, left at least three Pakistan Army personnel injured. It also inflicted financial losses on the military post.

The second attack occurred on the night of September 2 in Josk, Turbat, where BLA targeted a Pakistan Army checkpoint with a hand grenade. As a result of this attack, two Army personnel sustained injuries.

Baloch Liberation Army has officially claimed responsibility for both of these attacks. They have reiterated their commitment to continue their operations against the Pakistan Army and its collaborators until Balochistan is liberated from the clutches of the brutal regime of Paki ‘establishment.’ 

For decades, BLA has carried on an armed struggle against the Pakistan Army and ‘establishment’, as they have illegally occupied Balochistan. Since 27 March 1948, Pakistan Army has been oppressing Baloch through daily home raids, disappearances, staged encounters, target killings, torture, humiliation at checkpoints, and kidnappings for ransom. The Pakistan Army is targeting and monitoring Baloch people, and anyone who has a potential to raise questions is either killed or abducted. 

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