Radical Islamists abduct another minor Hindu girl at gunpoint in Sindh

abduction of hindu girls in sindh
Sana Meghwar (Photo: News Intervention)

A 13-year-old Hindu girl has been abducted by six radical Islamists in Sindh. Sana Meghwar, daughter of Lakshmi and Prem Meghwar lived in Meghwar colony of Nazarpur area in Tando Ghulam Hyder, Sindh. The perpetrators broke into her house and forcibly abducted her on gun point. Her parents have registered a Police complaint but no action has been taken so far.

Enjoying absolute impunity under the patronage of Islamic Republic of Pakistan, some radical Islamists have continuously targeted Hindu minor girls. Unfortunately, in these cases the girls are forcefully converted to Islam and married to the abductors, sometimes thrice their age. They are forced to confess that they have converted by their own free will. The fake affidavits are presented in the court and the paralyzed justice system fails to provide justice. In a similar incident of abduction few days ago, the Hindu advocates threatened to move to India if this radical practice continues to hound minority Hindus. The basis behind these atrocities against Hindus and conversion of minor Hindu girls is the radical Islamic fundamentalism which professes to convert each and everyone.        

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