Pak Army abducts another Baloch youth in Kech

baloch youth abducted
Hikmat Ali (Photo: News Intervention)

Yet another Baloch youth has been forcefully abducted by occupying Pakistan personnel in Balochistan.

Around 2 a.m., the officials of the occupying Federal Corps detained a Baloch boy named Hikmat Ali from Tump area of Kech. Master Ali, father of 17-year-old Hikmat has told that his son has been taken to an unknown location by the FC. The information of his whereabouts have not been given to the family members. Even the basis of detention has also not been conveyed to the parents.

The incident is a reminder of the fact that under the illegal occupation of Balochistan, Pak-sponsored terror does not differentiate between an adult and a minor. Enforced abductions and disappearances are the harsh reality of the human right abuses by Pakistan Army and the only intent behind this cruel practice is to silence the voices that are being raised for their rights and oppose the state imposition.

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