Pakistanis accuse Ahmadiyyas of blasphemy for building mosque in Pakistan

ahamdiyyas tortured in pakistan
Copy of FIR (Photo: News Intervention)

An FIR has been registered against the people of the Ahmadiyya community, accusing them of  blasphemy.

Recently, Ahmadiyyas built a mosque in the Sanghar district of Sindh. As per the Islamic tradition, they built domes and minarets for the mosques, which led to disappointment in a larger Muslim community that denies Ahmadiyyas being Muslims. They lodged an FIR against the Ahmadiyyas related to the mosque, accusing them of blasphemy. The persecution of Ahmadiyyas has been increasing across Pakistan every day.

It is worth mentioning that Pakistan is the only country that has declared Ahmadiyyas as non-Muslims. A law was enacted by the Pakistan parliament regarding this in 1974. A decade later, the then military ruler of Pakistan, Zia-Ul-Haq issued an ordinance called Ordinance XX, which forbids Ahmadis to call themselves Muslim or to pose as Muslims. This ordinance barred Ahmadis from professing and practicing Islam publicly. And by that rule, Ahmadis cannot call their worship place as Mosque.   

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