Radical Islamists vandalise another Ahmadiyya mosque in Pakistan

Pakistan vandalizes ahmadiyya mosque
Vandalised minaret of Ahmadiyyas mosque (Photo: News Intervention)

Radical Islamists once again vandalised an Ahmadiyya Mosque in Pakistan.As per reports, some radical Islamists vandalized the minaret of an Ahmadiyya Mosque on Driggs Road in Karachi’s Cantonment Bazaar. The videos of these fanatic bigots destroying the mosque circulated on social media, which has once again raised concern over the persisting persecution of Ahmadiyyas in Pakistan.
Few days ago, a group of people from Ahmadiyya community were booked for building minarets over the mosque. Since minarets are the part of Islamic tradition, they were accused of blasphemy. The brutality against Ahmadiyyas and their places of worship is nothing new in Pakistan. In fact, it has become a recurring activity, that is perpetuated on behalf of Islamabad. This attack is the eleventh attack on the Ahmadiyya mosques in Pakistan this year.

According to Press Ahmadiyya, ten such incident happened till July 14. But these are just mosques, there are way more aspects on which Ahmadiyyas face subjugation like celebrating festivals among others. The radical Islamist have not even left their graveyards. A couple of days ago, an Ahmadi graveyard was vandalised and the tombstones were broken into pieces in Jhelum.

While Ahmadiyyas, as a community, are facing the wrath of Pakistan brutality, they don’t even have the right to raise their voice constitutionally. The reason for that is the Ahmadiyyas have been constitutionally declared as non-Muslims in Pakistan. The law regarding that was passed in 1974. n 1984, Pakistan also snatched the right from them to call themselves Muslims. It is horrifying that such a violation of human rights still persists in today’s world.

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