Shia scholar Agha Ali Rizvi leads wheat subsidy protest in POGB; vows to dismantle Assembly

protest in POGB
Shia cleric Agha Ali Rizvi (Photo: Social Media)

Protest in Pakistan-occupied Gilgit-Baltistan (POGB) have intensified to a level that the protestors are now challenging directly to Pakistan and its puppet government in the region. In the latest development, Agha Ali Rizvi lambasted the occupying Pak government and stated that the protest will now end after the complete dismantling of the Assembly.  

Agha Ali said, “We will walk away from here after the Assembly ends. By god’s grace, when our plan starts, you will get to know about it. We will bury you along with the Assembly.” He went on to say that in front of the willpower of people, no one can stand a chance. Agha Ali gave a clear message by saying, “Neither there will be Chief Minister nor there would be any CM office.”

He warned that whnever there will be any need the people of Baltistan will reach Gilgit. Meanwhile, the slogans of “Chalo Chalo Gilgit Chalo” (Lets go to Gilgit)were also raised by the protestors.

While winding up his speech, Agha Ali once again warned the CM of occupying government. He said, “Gulbar Khan and other leaders, keep this in mind, if we can make you, we have the power to destroy you.”

Notably, the protest in POGB against the abolition of subsidies and health card along with the long power cuts and imposition of increased taxes under newly crafted Finance Act of 2023 has reached 23 days. However, despite massive protest in bone-chilling -5o temperature, the occupying government under the influence of its Islamabad masters has only used coercion to curb the protest. Hence, the anger of the people is reaching a tipping point.

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