Sindh: Minor boy raped in a Madrasa

Accused Maulana Behind The Bars (Photo: Social Media)

A disappointing case of an innocent boy being raped in a madrasa, by a radical Islamist maulana, has emerged in Ghotki, Sindh.

Recently, a video went viral on social media showing a maulana sexually exploiting an innocent boy in Madrasa. The Maulana has been identified as Azim Soomro from Mirpur Mathilo in Ghotki, Sindh. He is well connected and widely acknowledged as a religious scholar. After the video got leaked, he was arrested for a short time before the police released him proclaiming that maulana is not guilty.

Maulana has accepted the commission of paedophilia; however, he has claimed that the video is three years old, and that the boy joined him voluntarily. Nonetheless, father of the boy acknowledged the rape of his son and registered a formal complaint.  

After the release of Maulana, the people got agitated over the police. After widespread criticism over the social media, the Sukkur DGP suspended SHO Mirpur Mathilo.

Maulana Azim Soomro is reported to be a close associate of Maulana Fazal-ur-Rehman, the president of Jamiat Ulema-e-hind.

Harsh reality of Pakistan’s law and order machinery

Madrasas in Pakistan have become a safe house for maulanans and Qaris to sexually exploit and abuse the innocent children. Unfortunately, these pedophiles are getting a patronage of not only the prominent leaders but they also enjoy a great sense of respect because of their position as religious leader. However, their gruesome crimes evidently show that these maulanas and their existence is evil for the society.

It must also be noted that a couple of weeks ago, a girl named Fatima died in a Pir’s house. She used to work there and was physically abused and tortured. She succumbed to her injuries and died. Both the cases have a shocking similarity when it comes to legal proceedings. In both cases, the accused have good political connections, and both got arrested after the videos got viral. This shows the gruesome reality of law and order in Pakistan. Additionally, in both cases local  police tried to suppress the case and subsequently, the local SHOs got suspended.

It underscores the reality of police system that works in Pakistan. Once, things go out of hand, the so called senior level officials come to the rescue but when children face molestation and are sexually abused, it is this system and their godfather leaders who provide protection and patronage to the culprits like Maulana Azim Soomro.

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