Sindh: Radical Islamists attack another Hindu Temple

hindu temple attacked in sindh
Photo of Hindu Temple attacked in Sindh (Photo: News Intervention)

In a series of attacks on minority’s places of worship in Pakistan, Rama Pir Temple also known as Baba Ram Dev Mandir, another Hindu temple has been attacked by a radicalised mob in Tando Allahyar, Sindh.

CCTV footage from the temple premises clearly shows a radical extremist mob with sticks and batons in their hands and attack the temple and start beating Hindu worshippers. The chilling visuals yet again stress towards a disturbing reality of unending persecution of minority Hindus in Pakistan.

Interestingly, the Hindu temple being attacked is the third largest Hindu pilgrimage site in Sindh and holds immense significance among the community, dedicated to an 19th century saint Baba Ramdev.

Hindus are continuously targeted by the radical Islamists in Pakistan, be it through the deadly attacks, framing in blasphemy cases, abduction of Hindu women and minor girls, their forcible conversion or marriage. The sole motive behind these illicit practices is to convert the entire population of Islamic Republic of Pakistan. In line with that temples also come under a strong attack as the places of worship act as a center of faith for any religion. Attacking the temples is clearly a blatant violation of human and minority rights that is guided against religious diversity.

Notably, Pakistan has a history of vandalizing temples, sometimes at the behest of establishment too. Earlier, a 100-year-old Mari Mata mandir and Hinglaj Mata Mandir were vandalized in Sindh. The attack on the Hindu temple in n Tando Allahyar once again reminds that Hindus in Pakistan are not safe and that immediate measures needs to be taken to protect them.   

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