Radical Islamists demolish another Hindu temple in Sindh

Hindu persecution in Sindh
Mata Hinglaj Temple, Tharparkar (Photo: News Intervention)

Hindus in Pakistan are one of the most persecuted communities in Pakistan, who constantly face multifaceted challenges from the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. In a latest development, a Hindu temple in Tharparkar has been demolished. The demolition of the temple of Mata Hinglaj, was ordered by the anti-encroachment court in Mirpurkhas. As per reports, hundreds of Hindus accumulated on the site and cried slogans against the demolition of Mata Hinglaj mandir and raised their voice against their persecution.

Interestingly, Hindu temples are often targeted in Pakistan without any materialising legal action against it. However, this time the so-called law enforcement and judiciary has ordered the penalisation of Hindus. In fact, the dacoits and the so-called law enforcement work on the same lines in Pakistan. A couple of months ago, Mari Mata Mandir, a 150-year-old Hindu temple was vandalized by the dacoits in Sindh. In both the cases, the Hindus were helpless and there was no authority to hear their grievances. On the other hand, both the act got acceptance in the radicalized establishment.

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