Hindu village and temple set on fire by a radical Islamist in Sindh

Hindu minority in trouble in sindh
Representative Photo

In Sindh, Pakistan, a distressing incident has unfolded, where a Hindu Kachhi community has been subjected to a tragic act of violence and hatred. This episode involved a Muslim landlord from Nasarpur, who not only demolished homes and temple but also set fire to the entire Hindu village, where these residents had lived for over four decades. This act of aggression didn’t end there; it also included the theft of motorbikes owned by the villagers, adding to their hardships.

The Hindu community, especially in Sindh, has a long history of facing persistent persecution and discrimination since the partition. The Hindu Kachhi community, in particular, is a vulnerable group, often struggling with poverty and landlessness. As of now, they continue to live under the constant threat of the landlord and his associates.

This deeply disturbing incident of homes and temple demolished is a stark reminder of the escalating violence against minority communities in Pakistan. It underscores the urgent need for attention and action to protect and support these marginalized groups, ensuring that they can live in peace and security, free from the fear of persecution and discrimination.

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